Seminar on “INTOC – Waterproof solution with Vietnamese technology”

On the morning of 10 th May 2018, National University of Civil Engineering (NUCE) in collaboration with INTOC Company organized a seminar on “INTOC – Waterproof solution with Vietnamese technology”.

The seminar is honored to welcome the presence of: Dr. Le Van Thanh – Former Rector of NUCE; Prof. Doan Minh Khoi – Director of Institute of Architecture and Planning, NUCE; MSc. Do Thanh Tich – Chairman of the Board of Administrators of INTOC Company; together with various lecturers and students.


Overall view of the Hall of Seminar

At the Seminar, MSc. Do Thanh Tich – Chairman of the Board of Administrators of INTOC Company presented the current situation, principle 4-1, principle and solution of INTOC. In particular, during the hydration process of cement, capillaries and tiny pores often appears thus cause absorbent. The main content of INTOC is extracted from inorganic cement-based components, refined silicate and some other additives. When employed, INTOC is mixed with a high ratio of common cement which forms a system of capillaries with duo-purpose: resist water and prevent water from filling tiny capillaries and pores.Thanks to that effect, INTOC achieves outstanding performance while also lasting with concrete structures. For areas with water leakage, it is first required to locate the source; then, drill or punch a 3-5 centimeters U-shaped ditch (or a hole with expanded bottom). A plastic pipe is fixed at positions of U ditches at 2-3 centimeters depth; perform steps to provide waterproof effect in accordance to INTOC-04N or INTOC-04 procedure. After a minimum of 24 hours, remove all plastic pipes and fill with INTOC-DN; INTOC-04N or INTOC-04 procedure is then performed immediately at these positions. It is important to note that the new waterproof
layer must be continuous with the old one. For areas with strong water spray, a ditch of at least 5 centimeters is required; all subsequent steps are the same as above. 

MSc. Do Thanh Tich informed that the INTOC waterproof procedure can effectively provide water resistant to basements of over 100-meter depth, with high water pressure. INTOC has been successfully applied in many structures such as swimming pool (on 6 th floor) of Victoria Hotel; elevator pit and basement of FPT building, District 9 high-tech zone; Hoang Anh Gia Lai – Myanmar complex; REX Hotel; Phu Quoc Airport; technical basement of Ford Vietnam factory.

MSc. Do Thanh Tich – Chairman of the Board of Administrators of INTOC Company presents at the Seminar

Nowadays, waterproof is a concerned issue in many construction projects due to its extreme economic damage. In Vietnam, almost all civil structures are employing foreign waterproof solutions; however, many of them are still suffering from leakage problems. According to a survey by Faculty of Civil Engineering, Ho Chi Minh University of Technology, there are up to 84,35% civil structures under 10-years-old in Ho Chi Minh City suffering water leakage, in which 78,3% of them experience leakage at basements. This ratio in America is 60% while in Singapore is 53%; countries such as Italy, Spain, Australia, Malaysia, and Hong Kong… consider water leakage into civil structures a serious issue. To solve the problem of waterproofing at basements, common methods employed around the world are: directing ditches, secondary all, pumps, dehumidifiers which all require maintenance throughout the lifespan of the structure. Nevertheless, water still presents while these measures are subjected degradation, hence water will find other paths to leak into basements.

Trang Ninh - IC Dept.