Reunion with National University of Civil Engineering Alumni in Binh Dinh Province

On the 2 nd August 2018, National University of Civil Engineering (NUCE) organized a reunion with alumni in Binh Dinh Province. The event was a meaningful activity to realize the intention of NUCE to connect different generations of NUCE alumni who are living and working all around the nation.

Joining the reunion, on behalf of invited guests were: Mr. Tran Thanh Dung – Vice-Director of Department of Transport of Binh Dinh Province; Mr. Hoang Van Nam – An Son Plastic Company Limited; Mr. Nguyen Mai Chi Trung – Head of Department of Civil Engineering, Quy Nhon University; Mr. Nguyen Ba Thach – Former Vice-Director of Department of Construction of Gia Lai Province, President of Chu Pah District, Gia Lai Province; Mr. Nguyen Thai Binh – Former Director of Department of Construction of Phu Yen Province; together with various NUCE alumni working in Quy Nhon and adjacent provinces. On behalf of NUCE there were: Assoc. Prof. Pham Duy Hoa – Secretary of the Party Committee, Rector; Assoc. Prof. Tran Van Tan – President of the Academic Council; Assoc. Prof. Pham Quang Dung – Vice-Rector; Prof. Phan Quang Minh – Vice-Rector; Assoc. Prof. Ho Ngoc Khoa – President of the Work Union; Prof. Tran Ngoc Chan – President of Retired Lecturer  Association; Prof. Dang Huu – Former Commissioner of Central Party Committee, Former Head of Central Science Department, Former Minister of Ministry of Science and Technology, Former Dean of Faculty of Bridges and Roads, NUCE; Prof. Pham Ngoc Dang – Former Rector of NUCE; Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Le Ninh – Former Rector of NUCE; NGƯT, Assoc. Prof. Ung Quoc Dung – Former Secretary of the Party Committee of NUCE, Former Vice-Rector of NUCE; together with various eaders of NUCE offices, lecturers and staffs of NUCE. Especially, the reunion was joined by many NUCE alumni who were living and working in Binh Dinh Province and more than 300 NUCE current  staffs.

To open the reunion, Dr. Do Duy Đinh – Director of Office of Information and Media of NUCE announced the Decision No. 927/QĐ-ĐHXD on 30/07/2018 of the Rector of NUCE, acknowledging the Contact Board of NUCE Alumni in Binh Dinh Province which consists of 05 members. The Contact Board acts as the official representative of NUCE alumni in Binh Dinh, and has the task of coordinating with NUCE in gathering alumni, building plans, and organizing activities to promote the relationship between NUCE and alumni within the area of Binh Dinh Province.

At the reunion, Assoc. Prof. Pham Duy Hoa – Rector of NUCE expressed his joy towards the impressive growth of Quy Nhon City in particular, and of Binh Dinh Province in general, in which there was the important contribution in labor and intellect of NUCE alumni. Assoc. Prof. Pham Duy Hoa announced that in the recent years, in order to promote the bond between various generations of alumni with NUCE, the university had constantly organized activities to strengthen it, and forming contact boards of alumni in various provinces was one of those activities. Binh Dinh Province was the sixth to establish a contact board. On behalf of the Board of Administrators of NUCE, the Rector sent his thanks towards the good emotions that Binh Dinh alumni reserved to the university, and also congratulated them on their success. Especially, the Rector sent his personal thanks to Mr. Phan Cao Thang – Standing Vice-President of Binh Dinh People’s Committee, alumni of the 22 nd Batch of Faculty of Harbor – Waterway, who had been strongly supporting the reunion. 

Assoc. Prof. Pham Duy Hoa – Rector of NUCE delivers his speech​

Assoc. Prof. Pham Duy Hoa – Rector of NUCE presents the Decision acknowledging the Contact Board of NUCE Alumni in Binh Dinh Province

On behalf of the Contact Board of NUCE Alumni in Binh Dinh Province, Mr. Tran Thanh Dung – Vice-Director of Department of Transport of Binh Dinh Province, NUCE alumni expressed his honor and good emotion for being able to welcome generations of lecturers and alumni of NUCE in the reunion. Mr. Tran Thanh Dung stressed that the reunion displayed the strong bond between different generations of lecturers, staffs and alumni of NUCE. Moreover, on this occasion, NUCE officially announced the Decision acknowledging the Contact Board of NUCE Alumni in Binh Dinh Province which showed the great care of the university towards alumni. This was also a valuable chance for alumni to continue pay tribute to their lecturers, reunite with old friends to share and recall memories of those time when they were living and studying in NUCE, through which they would be able to assist each other in the future endeavors.

Mr. Tran Thanh Dung – Vice-Director of Department of Transport of Binh Dinh Province, NUCE alumni delivers his speech at the reunion


Assoc. Prof. Pham Duy Hoa – Rector of NUCE receives a present from the Contact Board of NUCE Alumni in Binh Dinh Province

The reunion was successfully concluded. Generations of lecturers and alumni of NUCE had an opportunity to share and recall beautiful memories of NUCE.