National University of Civil Engineering joins the 20th AIAC

AIAC arrives at the South Pole of the globe with the participation of institutions that offer architecture and design courses around the world. This year, the School of Architecture of Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand is honored to be the host of the 20th AIAC, which is organized from 4/3 to 8/3/2019. With an intense schedule of activities, all students and lecturers will have opportunities to experience the country and the people of New Zealand, a habited archipelago that is the furthest away from the equator.

AIAC delegation of NUCE experiences the country and the people of New Zealand

AIAC was established in 1999 by renowned European professors with the President being Prof. Eric Dubosc – Former lecturer of Paris University of Architecture. Vietnam joined AIAC for the first time in 2015 with NUCE being the host, attracting the participation of 16 other institutions worldwide. This year marks the presence of a second member from Vietnam – Da Nang University of Architecture. Students and lecturers from various universities will study and share their experiences in the topic of architecture and culture of Maori people – local inhabitants who have discovered New Zealand since the 1250s AD.  This is also the ethnicity with the second-largest population in New Zealand, sitting only behind the English. What intriguing is that they are able to maintain many traditional cultural activities, among which are their language, and their details of sculpture and architecture.

It is possible to say that architecture and culture are two inseparable factors, to quote the President of AIAC – Eric Dubosc: “People can move but behind that movement is the existence of architectural and cultural structures”.

After a week of hard-working, sharing and discussing, each institute will have six months to complete their works for submission in mid-September 2019, the jury is planned to be hosted at the American University of Architecture, Dubai.

AIAC delegation of NUCE studies and shares with professors and students of other universities