National University of Civil Engineering Expands Cooperation with Yokohama University, Japan

On the afternoon of 21st February 2019, representatives of leaders of National University of Civil Engineering (NUCE) welcomed and had a meeting with Prof. Kimitoshi Hayano, Dean of Faculty of Civil Engineering – Yokohama University, Japan.

Prof. Phan Quang Minh, Vice-Rector of NUCE together with leaders of Office of International Cooperation and Faculty of Highway and Bridge Engineering participate in the meeting. During the discussion, Prof. Phan Quang Minh welcomes the visit of Prof. Kimitoshi Hayano; he also highly praises the quality of training of Yokohama University, as well as the support that professors of Yokohama University provide to doctorate and master’s students of NUCE in Japan. The Vice-Rector is supportive towards signing a cooperation agreement between the two universities to implement joint training programs in master’s and doctorate degrees, together with exchange programs for lecturers and students in the future.

Prof. Kimitoshi Hayano thanks the good will of Prof. Phan Quang Minh and hopes that after the content of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is settled, the two universities will implement effectively all collaboration programs.

Representatives of NUCE and Yokohama University, Japan take a souvenir photo