The closing and awarding ceremony of Scientific research students 2019

On December 1, at G3 Hall of National University of Civil Engineering (NUCE), MOET in collaboration with MOST, Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union Central Committee, Union of Science and Technology Associations Vietnam and NUCE solemnly held the closing and awarding ceremony of Scientific research students 2019

Attending the ceremony, on behalf of MOET were Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Phuc - Deputy Minister of MOET, Head of Awarding Department; Prof.Dr. Ta Ngoc Don - Director of Department of Science, Technology, and Environment; Ms. Nguyen Thu Thuy - Deputy Director of the Department of Higher Education; Mr. Tran Nam Tu - Deputy Director of Department of Science, Technology and Environment. From the central agencies, there were: Mr. Nguyen Dac Hung - Director of Department of Education and Training, Central Propaganda Department; Mr. Bui Quang Huy - Secretary of the Central Youth Union, President of the Vietnam Student Association; Mr. Nguyen Thien Tu - Deputy Head of Youth Union, the school of Central Youth Union. On the side of the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations were Mr. Nguyen Xuan Tien - Deputy Director of Vietnam Fund for Creative Technology Support. On behalf of sponsors and companions were: Ms. Le Thi Viet Ha - Deputy Head of Human Resources Department, SunGroup; Ms. Dao Thi Thanh Hien - Deputy General Director of Truong Thanh Group; Mr. Nguyen Cao Son - Technical Director of Ha Do Group; Ms. Ngu Bich Phan - Deputy Director of the Vietinbank subsidiary; Representative of NUCE Consulting Company; Prof. Dr. Dinh Van Phong - Vice Rector of HUST; Assoc.Prof. Dr. Tran Thi Van Hoa - Vice Rector of NEU. From the NUCE side, there were Assoc.Prof. Dr. Pham Duy Hoa - Secretary of the Party Committee, Rector of the NUCE, Head of Organizers; Prof. Dr. Phan Quang Minh - Vice Rector of NUCE; with representatives of universities, institutes and agencies; teachers and students from 85 universities and institutes nationwide.

Overview of the ceremony

The Scientific Research students Award saw dynamic growth in both scale and quality as it attracted over 400 projects outstanding from thousands of projects made an increase in the number of participants from universities, organizations and enterprises. So far it has become a first-ranked forum for Vietnamese students whose science researches are likely a premise to recognize talents, relates theoretical knowledge to social and enterprise needs which helps embedded themselves on the national sci-tech flow, stated by Assoc.Prof.Dr. Hoa P.D. at the ceremony. Hoa also believed that the spiritual values are constantly spread across universities, companies and communities later on and expressed his honor when NUCE hosted the event at the same time congratulated all the outstanding awardees. The Award will be the bridge connecting parties and that talented students go on, added by Pham Duy Hoa.

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Hoa P.D. gave a speech at the ceremony 

The Scientific Research Award held for 25 years has become the most national favorable scientific playground for students with its main objective is to promote the quality of higher education, recognize and refresh talents with vocational guidance. MOET put efforts to companion with related ministries and departments to draft and fulfill the normative act aiming to promote the sci-tech activities in universities in general and promote scientific research of young students and lecturers in particular. However, it must always be updated to accord with the context of educational renovation and international integration. So far, MOET has been studying and revising regularly regulations how to create maximizing condition to encourage students to join in Science research, according to the deputy minister of MOET Phuc N.V. Phuc urged the higher institutions to build encouragement mechanism, mobilize social and enterprise supports and constantly renew teaching methods combined to scientific research activities.

Deputy Minister MOET Nguyen Van Phuc gave the opening speech at the ceremony 

The Scientific Research Award is annually held by MOET in collaboration with MOST, the Central HCM Communist Youth Union, Union of Science and Technology Association Vietnam to boost student to engage in Scientific research activities aiming to promote critical thinking capacity, shape self-study capacity and apply theories into practical life contributing to recognize and cultivate talents, promote self-working and teamwork abilities, raise supports from organizations and individuals and advance the quality of higher education.

The 2019 Awards boast 419 standing out of thousand projects from 85 varies universities and institutions divided into 6 sci-tech fields including Natural Sciences, Technical and Technological Sciences; Medical Sciences; Agricultural Sciences; Social Sciences and Humanities. After the preliminary and final evaluation, organizers awarded 10 first prizes, 62 second prizes, 89 third prizes and 118 consolation prizes 

The Organizing Committee representatives awarded certificates of merit to 10 scientific research projects that won the first prizes

NUCEers have also actively participated in the 2019 "Scientific Research Student" Awards with 11 research topics, including 1 topic with First Prize, 2 subjects with Second Prize. , 4 third prizes and 2 consolation prizes.

The Organizing Committee representative awarded the First Prize to Group of NUCE

Organizers and students took commemorative photos

Pham Nhung - Department of Information and Communications