The 14 th International CDIO Conference

The 14 th International CDIO Conference was held from 27/06/2018 to 02/07/2018 at Kanazawa Institute of Technology (KIT), Japan. The conference is an annual event of the International CDIO Initiative in order to exchange information in the CDIO context, to enhance international cooperation within the members, and to admit new universities and academies into the initiative. The program coordinator on behalf of KIT this year is Prof.
Robert Songer.

Prof. Robert Songer directed the Opening Ceremony of the conference

This year’s conference welcomes the participation of many members in the International CDIO Initiative from 32 countries, including European countries (England, Ireland, France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, etc.), North American countries (Canada, USA), Latin American country (Brazil), Asian countries (Japan – the host, China, Singapore, Thailand, etc.). There were 285 delegates and 39 students presented at KIT to directly join the chain of events of the conference. The conference accepted 125 papers with the contribution of a total of 450 authors and co-authors to publish in the Proceedings of the 14 th International CDIO Conference.

Delegates of National University of Civil Engineering participated in the 14 th International
CDIO Conference at Kanazawa Institute of Technology, Japan from 28/06 to 02/07/2018

With the purpose of learning the experience to implement training curriculum in the CDIO approach, together with expanding the relationship, promoting the collaboration with members of the CDIO Initiative, heading towards applying in the initiative itself, National University of Civil Engineering (NUCE) decided to appoint two staffs to join the conference: Dr. Tran Viet Hung, lecturer, Department of Bridges and Tunnels, Faculty of Bridges and Roads; and MEng. Nghiem Ha Tan, lecturer, Department of Strength of Materials, Faculty of Civil and Industrial Buildings.

Area of the poster session
CDIO Essentials Workshop

Delegates of NUCE actively participated in many activities of the conference: plenary sessions at conference hall, which included keynote speeches; poster sessions, during which it was possible to discuss directly with authors of some worth-mentioning publications; workshops for sharing CDIO implementation knowledge, as well as parallel sessions to learn from papers published in the conference.

Parallel session in Staff and Faculty Development

Main contents discussed in the 14 th International CDIO Conference this year included: Advances in CDIO; Engineering Education Research; CDIO Implementation; and CDIO Projects in Progress. All reports at the conference were able to display the urgency of reforming engineering education in the context of the 4 th Industrial Revolution, which the CDIO approach is an effective solution.

Moreover, it is necessary to mention the chain of extracurricular activities of the conference to promote international exchange. The participation in the conference not only brought valuable experiences to NUCE delegates in implementing training curriculum with the CDIO approach, but also presented opportunities to connect with many universities in the International CDIO Initiative in the near future.