Warmly welcome you, Alumni of NUCE!  
After nearly 50 years of development, with nearly 60 years of training experience, our university has become a leading center for training, scientific research, technology transfer and supplying high quality human resources for the country in the field of construction.

With a large number of staff and multidisciplinary teaching staff who are highly qualified with much expertise, politically stable, dedicated to education, NUCE has provided the country with more than 60,000 engineers and architects; 4500MastersGraduatesand nearly 200 Doctors of various majors in the construction sector. Apart from education, it also serves as a place for implementing plenty of scientific research, big projects and technology transfer.
NUCE alumni have been working all over the country, from construction sites to factories, in State management agencies from the central to provincial, making their great contribution to thecountrybuilding and defense. Many of them are holding important positions in the party leadership bodies, in state management offices from central to provincial, in the economic groups, corporations, companies.... Somehave been awarded the honouredtitle of Labour Hero. NUCE is proud of itsbrand name and prestige that have been developed by the success of its generations.

For many years, in many localities across the country, the alumni of NUCE have frequently connectedwith each other and maintainedsignificant activities towardtheir University. In the hope of bridging the current generation of alumni who are living and working over the country in order to share, cooperate and support the development, to connect ideas and opportunities among this community  andto promote the traditional values of NUCE, wecordially invites you to participate intoour alumni network. Your participation is honored as tremendous encouragement for current students of the University.

With best regards!



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